John Waters!!!!


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On December 7, 2012, John Waters graced Boise, Idaho with his presence for a delightfully twisted show, “A John Waters Christmas.” Clad in a gorgeous red velvet suit by Issey Miyake, he kept the crowd in stitches with his take on Christmas. I splurged and bought the meet and greet ticket. After the show I got to meet him and we talked a bit about shows, Jayne Mansfield, and hitch hiking. It was a wonderful moment to meet someone who has influenced my love of film as well as my involvement in independent film here in Idaho. John Waters is not only a legend, he’s also a gentleman!



John Waters even autographed my DVD set and then I went out and hit the town feeling better than I had in a long time. If you ever get a chance to see his show, it’s well worth it!

Oh lord! Another Birthday

On November 20th, I celebrated the Anniversary of my birth. While I may be ageless and timeless, the party was for the young!!! We started off at Sofia’s with champagne. After that we graduated to Toasted Caramel flavored shots of Black Velvet. Then we were squirrelly and started the rounds! It was one of the best birthdays I’ve had in recent years. I treated myself to a room at the fabulous Modern Hotel where the beds are perfect for really anything you might need a bed for! I’ve been celebrating ever since!


In my new pink birthday dress and rose jewelry.


They knew I was coming!


Lemon cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate ganache! Thanks Jed Lloyd!



The day after, day drinking at the Neurolux with Shea and Jamie!

Booze, cake, and Nicki Minaj result in sexy booty dancing!


And maybe a bit too much party after all…

Marty & Elayne & Minerva Jayne

My trip to Hollywood in June was not only marked by the fun experience of performing in front of a huge audience at LA Pride, but also by seeing living Hollywood legends, Marty and Elayne.

Long time entertainers at the Dresden, Marty & Elayne are best known to a lot of people by their cameo in “Swingers”. But they are far more than that portrayal and can rock it all night long.

Upon our arrival at The Dresden, my good friend and brilliant artist, Tyler Bush, could tell that there was something hopping going on. We entered the lounge to discover that the place was standing room only packed. Every seat had an occupant. Just as we neared the piano that Elayne was tickling in her own way, two seat along the side of the instrument emptied and Tyler and I took our opportunity to sit up close and personal to the musicians themselves.

I went up to the bar to get us a couple of drinks (the signature Blood and Sand cocktail) when I felt a hand upon my arm. Marty had come up to me to let me know that a waitress would be around soon to take our orders and that if she wasn’t, he’d take my order personally. He then gallantly led me back to my seat. I then settled in for one if the most fascinating and fabulous live performances I have seen.

Marty and Elayne are tireless. They take requests and have an amazing repertoire. No song requested was unknown to them. Tyler requested “It’s Not Unusual” and I “Deep Purple”. Then during intermission, they allowed us to snap a pic and I bought a CD, buying the one Marty indicates was their favorite.

After intermission they returned to dazzle us some more with a magnificent tribute to the recent passing of Donna Summer by doing an impressive and lounge-sexy cover of “Hot Stuff”. Then they did “Copacabana” with added in words to make it funny and just a little naughty. Then they blew the top off the house with a mind boggling cover of “Staying Alive”. The melding of Elayne’s almost other wordly vocal styling with the smoothness of Marty’s voice make it not only interesting but somehow fresher to me than the disco anthem we’ve heard a thousand times. And another thing, Elayne owns that organ and piano. She unleashed “Staying Alive” with such musical acrobatics I was stunned and excited. It rocked.

It was a perfectly wonderful experience that made me giddy to have finally seen them, surprised by their talent and devotion, and reeling from their hospitality and kindness to me. They made me feel just a bit more like a star. If you get the chance to see them, jump at it.


West Hollywood Pride 2012

It was my distinct honor to perform at LA Pride with artist Dan Holguin on June 9, 2012. Taking the stage at such a big venue was amazing and as always, Hollywood left me feeling so loved and appreciated. I miss it desperately! Here are some photos from that trip!






On July 21, I was proud to be honored with the first annual Fusion Award in the category of Best Drag Queen in Boise. Fusion magazine put on a great event with a lot of talent and many great faces in the Boise scene in attendance. This award means a lot to me, coming from people within the community at large. I feel so honored and blessed. Boise is a wonderful city and I am proud to be a part of this community!

The following are a couple of photos from that night. The first is the photo of my award and the second is a picture of me with the beautiful and talented Gloria McGuigan. It was a magical evening.



The following pics are with the stunning Jade Hassen and one of my besties, Shea Sutton.



And the following photos are courtesy of Fusion Magazine. The first is of Martini and I. She was nominated Long with me. The second is of Ryan Robinson of the BrickYard, and Me.



St. Patty’s Day Decadence


Happy Birthday Miss Taylor

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Taylor. Thank you for gracing our silver screen, fighting for the dignity and rights of others, and giving us all something to dream of. You are missed.


Gun Control

Minerva Jayne Big Guns

photo by Daniel Dickman

Big Hair. Big Boobs. Big Gun. Tiny Dog. 

I love to eat (in case you couldn’t tell by my zaftig figure). I also love to eat Greek food! Ever since I was a little bitty baby blonde bombshell, I have been OBSESSED with all things Greek. I would pour over books about Ancient Greece, mythology, and theater at the library. I would go to the Emmett Cherry Festival in my home town, just to get a gyro. I even built my Halloween costumes around famous Greek myths. I was all about it. So I was more than excited when Sofia’s Greek Bistro opened up in Boise!

Sofia’s Greek Bistro, decorated with brightly colored paintings, bright aquamarine walls, and a variety of Greek products to purchase, has the feel of a chic Greek restaurant mixed with the charm and hospitality of eating with a family. I have always been welcomed with warmth and genuine happiness to see me.

The food is DIVINE! My personal obsession at the restaurant is the Hippie Dippie Gyro. It is a delicious take on the classic gyro with the added zing of Hippie Dippie sauce, a flavorful, spicy tzatziki. I order mine with feta. It is so delicious and invigorating to the taste buds, I find myself running to it for comfort on particularly rough days.

Each night a different homemade specialty is served along with wonderful Greek sides and beverages.

This restaurant is NOT to be missed. Whether you are just visiting Boise or you have lived here your whole life, you owe it to your mouth!

Here is their website:









Have you…

…told someone how you feel about them today? Remember to hold the ones you care about close to your heart. They are the true treasures in this world. A true friend will be there when all the rest of the world has turned it’s back.

Love and Kisses,

Minerva Jayne